World History Events
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All Info. is from the:
Scofield Reference Edition Holy Bible Concordance

This site puts together the different events of Our history starting from Adam & Eve to Todays Date.
You will enter into the History Line page firstfrom there you may cross check things with the links, ect... I believe in the Word of God and believe that we live in a time like "No other Time in the World." It is what I believe and see, I don't believe in pushing any thing on anyone, You may make your own decission
Many shows have been on TV stating that the end of the world is at hand.
I see it as the end of an Age, the Church Age or Age of Grace.
One thing for sure is, "The world as we know it will be different"
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These are facts from the bible, and world History.

I will be adding to this as I find the things that relate to this

This will make it easier for you to look them up for your self

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